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  1. Rob
    Rob at |

    What is the number 1 security question asked at airports? “Have you accepted anything for travel from a stranger since arriving at the airport?” You New “friend” was an idiot.

  2. Stany V
    Stany V at |

    Stories of cloth soaked in liquid LSD or somesuch were circulating in the past. I’d definitely think twice about accepting yarn.

  3. Karen Kindle
    Karen Kindle at |

    Great story. I’m glad the bribe was to a fellow passenger.

  4. Irene Larter
    Irene Larter at |

    I knit as well and goddamn you never know what’s going to happen in other countries even when needles are allowed. When overseas travel is happening for me-I stay away from my metal needles and the ebony and go bamboo so if I have to toss-at least I’m not out $$$

    1. Linnea Hartsuyker
      Linnea Hartsuyker at |

      I’ve been carrying knitting on airplanes for 18 years and this is the first time it’s ever been a problem! But yes, I will also go bamboo in the future. I guess. I love my Addi turbos so much, though! 😉

  5. Ruth Anna Hanisch
    Ruth Anna Hanisch at |

    Glad this story has a happy ending!

  6. Matt Lindenberg
    Matt Lindenberg at |

    Glad it worked out. As I think about this, I’m so trained not to accept anything to check that if you (as a stranger of course) had come to me, I’m pretty certain I would have apologetically refused. Not to be a jerk, just so trained not to accept anything. Sad that our security culture breeds such negativity.

  7. Suzy Miller
    Suzy Miller at |

    Always thinking

  8. MommaTraveler
    MommaTraveler at |

    @matt lindenberg Sad to say, but I think my response would have been exactly the same as yours. We are so conditioned nowadays not to accept anything from a stranger that something as seemingly (and actually) innocent as someone asking you to accommodate knitting needles and yarn becomes an issue.

    Seth, while you may be mildly amused by the paranoia, in this particular case and in that part of the world, I’m not sure it is unwarranted. 🙁

    Glad you managed to work it all out, though!

  9. Cíara
    Cíara at |

    The amount of times I’ve almost lost needles! I’ve come up with what usually works now, which is to use interchangable needles, and put the tips in my wallet. It’s big enough that they fit easily, and the needle sizes I usually use (3-5mm) are small and light enough that they’re fine. I’ve such a fear of being stuck on a long flight and not having it to bring with me though!