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  1. Vet&Banker
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    We are tourists. We do what tourists do, though we try *very* hard to do it respectfully (And probably still come up short). We like to enjoy the activities of “locals” in most places, but having lived in tourist destination cities I know that also means we’re annoying people who try to live away from the crowds.

    But I do dislike that people take so many of “the same” shot. We are blessed to travel more than our friends and try to take interesting pictures, most of which don’t include us. After all, they can see us every day, why does my big fat face have to be blocking part of the vista (or have my ugly feet blocking part of the beach)? You know I was there, I took the picture! 🙂

  2. Jay
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    “Just please don’t call yourself an influencer. Because that’s disgusting.”
    LOL…so true. It is disgusting. Nobody wannabes. They are either full of themselves or hustlers trying to make a buck.

  3. mark
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    Such a great article. I do travel for myself so I can see the the world and learn something new either about myself of the places i visit. I mainly take pictures so I can share my experience with friends and family hoping at least one of them would be inspired to travel but I would never ever call myself an “influencer”. It’s also nice to look back at the adventures I’ve had.

  4. Charles Kennedy
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    I haven’t been to any of the places in that incredible video except Maho Beach

  5. Charles Kennedy
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    no one here!

  6. Broc
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    Thank you for this great post! So true! I don’t know that it matters what label you put on something when it comes to being a tourist or a local. I moved to a new part of the country, but often go back and visit some of the same sites (museums, stores, restaurants, etc) that I used to visit more regularly. Does that now make me a tourist versus a local? Does it really matter?

    Perhaps the distinction should really be between a respectable person and a show-off. And this is by far more important in the end.

  7. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Funny video, but for every single location, it was probably that person’s first time there, so why not? I don’t care that lots of other people have seen the Taj Mahal or whatever, and have taken a similar picture. I want to see it too for myself, though maybe also come up with more creative photo ideas.