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    A week and a half ago we were in Sofia, staying at the same hotel, and went to Cosmos. It was easily our best dinner of our whole European trip (Alsace, France…and dined in a 2 Mich * in Colmar; hHeidelberg, Germany…and I’ll be happy to never eat sausage and sauerkraut again; and Sofia). Work trip for hubby, but I got to tag along. We also went to Aubergine in the other direction and had a great dinner there, too, but Cosmos was the highlight. We also ate at the bar and had a great time with the bartenders. I didn’t see any drink I liked on the menu, so I told them the flavors I liked and they made me this wicked fantastic drink on the spot. We also had the same yummy salad, and my hubby had the same pork dish. Both were wonderful! I thought the moving lights were so cool, too. Oh, the cheese is called “white cheese”…seriously…and the yellow cheese is called, yup, “yellow cheese.” We had gone on a food tour while we were there…which we do in every new city to us…a great way to get to know the city and it’s culture through food. (We also go on bike tours, but it was too cold for that this trip).

    Also stayed at Sofia Balkan Hotel. Very pleasant staff, but probably wouldn’t stay there again. We got a bigger room as SPG Plat, they called it a Deluxe, I’d say it boardered on JR Suite…really large room with sofa, table, chairs on one side and bed on the other facing them. Desk in between on side wall. It just seemed run down. Lots of peeling paint and wood scratches, etc. Bathroom did have tub, which we like for relaxation after a day of touring. A bit too small for 2 people, though. Definitely needs renovating. Hubby probably has to go back once a year, so we will try the Senses hotel (I think it is a Design or Tribute hotel?) next time we go.

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    The salad of tomatoes cucumbers and cheese is called Shopksa Salata and you typically have that before dinner with a drink. In the countryside that would be Rakia which is something like Grappa. The white cheese is actually called Sirini and it is usually sheep milk cheese. Usually less dry than feta but definitely in the same family. Yellow cheese in bulgaria is usually Kashkaval. Again it is sheep milk. A little tangy not very creamy and does not melt very well. Great for Meze