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  1. Garrett Hartsuyker
    Garrett Hartsuyker at |

    Good on UAL and Delta for their position on this…

  2. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    Losing travel discounts may not cause any NRA members to leave the organization, but people unwilling to engage in reasonable conversation to reduce gun deaths shouldn’t be rewarded with discounts.

  3. Jessica Coane
    Jessica Coane at |

    Personally happy about this. Want a discount for using guns, join the military and become a vet.

  4. James Garrett
    James Garrett at |

    I’ve never once heard of anyone using a NRA discount code. The political posturing is a bit much right now

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The NRA is a political organization. Its partnerships with these companies were politically motivated. Of course this is a political response.

      Are you suggesting that makes it the wrong response?

    2. James Garrett
      James Garrett at |

      No, just feels like termination of a partnership that was never really used. I agree with cutting ties.

    3. Michael Leung
      Michael Leung at |

      AA and DL had previously provided discounts for NRA members traveling to this year’s convention. So, I would expect that NRA members WERE using this discount for this purpose. No more.

    4. Steve
      Steve at |

      I have to agree. Im a NRA member, AAA, USAA, etc and I never use their codes because they all suck! So ya, these companies capitulating are losing more customers than gaining street cred. Weak sheep

    5. James Garrett
      James Garrett at |

      I cancelled my membership because the NRA didn’t speak up for the unethical constitutional violations by ATF of not allowing medical marijuana patients to purchase a gun. I didn’t mean to imply I took an issue with this

  5. LF
    LF at |


  6. Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze at |

    Funny how everybody excoriates the NRA, Trump and Republicans over the Florida school murders. Meanwhile, most say nothing disparaging about the FBI and their complicity in not investigating stark warnings about the shooter, the fact that the school had video cameras linked to law enforcement that were on 16 minute delay (!), the armed Sheriff’s deputy who failed to enter the school for four minutes after he heard shots, etc. Oh, and what about the deafening silence surrounding the miserable little s**t who did the killing! Meanwhile, volunteer a plan that would successfully and legally remove over 300 million fire arms from the American public and I might be a little more empathetic.

    1. Alex Dumas
      Alex Dumas at |

      Standby for some offended snowflakes to call you racist lol

  7. Kuhl
    Kuhl at |

    What Garrett said.

  8. Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy at |

    What about AA or WN? They’re notably absent.

    1. Garrett Hartsuyker
      Garrett Hartsuyker at |

      I suspect AA will be onboard, if they actually offer a discount. I didn’t see any on AA.com.

    2. Garrett Hartsuyker
      Garrett Hartsuyker at |
    3. Susan DeBruhl
      Susan DeBruhl at |

      It appears the NRA TV app needs to be hacked and taken down.

    4. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Not at all, Susan. No need to resort to illegal actions to get the job done.

    5. Michael Leung
      Michael Leung at |

      If they did offer a discount, it wouldn’t be on aa.com. It’d be on NRA’s website. But I don’t think you can see what discounts an NRA member gets unless you were a member.

    6. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      AA clarifies that it does not offer any discounts to the NRA: https://twitter.com/AmericanAir/status/967499897212719104.

    7. Susan DeBruhl
      Susan DeBruhl at |

      Seth Miller you do understand facetiousness, yes?

    8. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Susan: Sure, when done well.

    9. Michael Mays
      Michael Mays at |

      One wonders what the discounts were and how many honored. In any case a nice gesture.

    10. Susan DeBruhl
      Susan DeBruhl at |

      Seth Miller Facetious: not to be taken seriously- treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor.
      Obviously well done because you saw fit to tell me an illegal action wasn’t necessary. Because, obviously you thought I was serious – and I was making humor with a serious issue. ????

  9. Joel Anderson
    Joel Anderson at |

    Only the Hertz discount was actually decent. They worked just like any corporate rate. Subject to mass variation in price, use at your leisure, but you may need to be verified, ymmv.

  10. Stephan Mark Smith
    Stephan Mark Smith at |

    Wait… Why did they get discounts anyways?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Same as any other large group…just call and ask.

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