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  1. derek
    derek at |

    The AirTrain should not be built at all. The current non-stop bus to the subway is faster and cheaper. You can get to Manhattan via the bus+subway for $2.75. The bus drives so fast that you have to hang on. It is not always bus=bad, train=good.

    Seattle built a train that costs more than the bus and is slower than the bus. The bus was non-stop from downtown, not winding through neighborhoods and stopping many times. The Met-Willets Point station is farther than the current subway trip. The proposed train takes people farther from Manhattan. Stupid.

  2. Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan at |

    You clearly have not lived near overhead train lines. Port Authority does not have the budget to place the connection below ground and is looking to dump the social costs of the project – noise, pollution ongoing maintenance construction – on a limited set of communities. They have cause to complain. If residents were opposed to a below ground line, I might consider this NIMBYism. On net, your post is more politics than substances. And yes, the plan is terminally flawed. Why would anyone take the train to Flushing and backtrack to LGA? Current express bus is far better than the purposed airtrain.

  3. JohnnieD
    JohnnieD at |

    Train would disrupt the peace and quiet of the GCP? Increase cars on the road? Huh?
    Bizarre arguments. The 70 bus works just fine for me.