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  1. L3
    L3 at |

    Why they didn’t buy the rights to their branding on the jets is a mystery. Major marketing mistake.

  2. Jason
    Jason at |

    I saw the movie recently and the entire time I was thinking, “Wow, what a great ad for Singapore!”

    I also have been to Singapore a few times and don’t really care for it, with the huge exception of the hawker stalls. That soya chicken and noodles is amazing. I got hungry during the movie. After the movie I made a trip east (to Queens, Flushing) for the closest thing I could get on short notice.

    One complaint I have with the movie is that it depicts Singapore as Chinese residents only, while in reality Malay, Indian and other ethnic groups are a huge part of the city’s population.

    1. Jacob
      Jacob at |

      “the entire time I was thinking, “Wow, what a great ad for Singapore!””
      lol… me too. Truly a massive marketing coup! Unbelievable…let’s see who can top this.
      Tons of people who knew nothing about Singapore now have an idea of how nice it is.

      “I also have been to Singapore a few times and don’t really care for it”
      lol… me too. I think it is boring. Definitely worth seeing though if you have never been there before.

  3. Donald Osborne
    Donald Osborne at |

    If you’ve never been to Singapore, it’s good as a layover for better destinations nearby like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In terms of food, Singapore doesn’t have anything that’s unique. It’s just you can have so many types in one city but all are not nearly as good as where they originated from like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. There’s Chinese food but it’s much better in Taipei and Hong Kong. In terms of sightseeing. It’s a big city with lots of shopping malls and public housing estates that are duplicated time and time again everywhere you go. There are also casinos if you’re into losing money. It’s a young country so there isn’t anything historical to visit there. Go to Hong Kong or Japan. More to see. Better food and a much shorter journey.

  4. Christine Hall
    Christine Hall at |

    Singapore Airlines really missed a golden opportunity. Or maybe the producer just wanted a plane with a bar. Does anyone know the back story?

  5. George
    George at |

    awesome movie for the asian community. I wonder why Singapore Airline did not sponsor it haha
    also I wonder if Singapore the country itself gave movie production some $ for the advertisement?

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