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  1. Ben Brockert
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    I did 89,941 miles on 59 legs, so my average flight length was a lot shorter than yours. I only went to Asia once and still haven’t been in the southern hemisphere, so that rules out most of the long flights. I got MVP on Alaska because of business trips, which is kind of unfortunate because I have no current plans to fly Alaska at all this year.

    I log the lines but don’t look specifically for new ones. That said, I did AnchorageKodiak six times on two different carriers (don’t fly Ravn if there’s weather, but it’s interesting to fly out of a major airport without going through security); and LAX-Merced-Oakland was definitely an experience, there’s no cockpit door so you can look out the windshield and have a nice view of the runways. LCA-BEG is the most unexpected direct flight I took, and I got reamed by a large unspecified fee to check in at the airport.

    I did three <20h layover microtrips: in Iceland on the day they were playing in the world cup, which was an expensive and massively sleep depriving layover, in Helsinki where I failed to do anything at all other than sleep and ride the train, and El Salvador where I ubered from the airport about a third of the way across the country to visit their one UNESCO site and eat pupusas.

    How do you keep track of your flights, unique legs, etc? I have a google spreadsheet that I started as a forward-looking way of keeping track of travel plans on elaborate trips, but has become more of a backwards-looking record keeping.