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  1. Mogon
    Mogon at |

    Would love a goodie bag

  2. Jason
    Jason at |

    A goodie bag celebrating the first flight from Paine Field? Who wouldn’t want it!

  3. JIC
    JIC at |

    I’d love a goodie bag.

  4. JZ
    JZ at |

    What an amazing first flight! Though it breaks my heart when they are treating that bottle of Veuve in such a cruel fashion…

  5. UAL777
    UAL777 at |

    A goodie bag would be great!

  6. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    Yes, please. A goodie bag with chocolate is my favorite.

  7. Charlie h
    Charlie h at |

    Goodie bags are awesome!

  8. travelasflyguy
    travelasflyguy at |

    In for the goodie bag! Would be a cool collector’s item!

  9. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hey that goodie bag looks pretty awesome!

  10. Chris
    Chris at |

    (I.e. count me in if you’re raffling it!)

  11. Dave - Canada
    Dave - Canada at |

    Anybody get the goodie bag?

    I am booked for my first flight from PAE! I will be gone on _____ ___, 2019 for __ days. Don’t break into my house, which is located at __________.