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  1. Air Boss
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    BORING grasping for relevance. Suppose NSA invites tunneling at their property line?

  2. L3
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    Your criticisms of the TBC monopoly plan are good, but you conclusion “By applying these conditions and excluding improved surface transportation options TBC forces its design on the requirements. ” is unsupported and, in fact, wrong.

    This is a conventional high-speed, underground railway. Similar to e.g. the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France, or CrossRail underneath London (opening next year). Talk to engineers who have worked on hgh-speed underground rail and they will tell you that this is just a ‘land grab’ by a neophyte wannabe entrant into the underground rail space. There is no advanced, proprietary technology here. In fact, TBC lacks the state of the art technology that established firms bring, as well as hundreds of man-years of experience.

    The taxpayers and riders of the Baltimore-Washington region would be far better served if the underground concept were retained, but put out for competitive bid.

  3. nsx at FlyerTalk
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    They could save money by bringing back the Concorde and using it to fly this route! 1000 passengers a day would be no problem.

  4. Trevor
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    Don’t get me wrong, the MARC is not great by any means but building something of this caliber and initially planning only 1k pax a day is about as wasteful as it gets. Northeast Maglev was also pitching ideas… I still find it very surprising that linking Baltimore and DC is such a big deal, yet I think larger populations commute to DC from VA… unless they can connect BWI to Union Station or another major connecting point, this should be DOA…

    as an aside, whenever I saw references to “The Boring Company” from Musk, I thought that was snark directed at Boeing…