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  1. GUWonder
    GUWonder at |

    Has Congress pre-empted the applicability of DC law upon all corporations with a nexus in DC? If not, then the lawsuit can’t be dismissed so easily on behalf of Marriott.

    Congress has not pre-empted the applicability of state law upon all corporations with a nexus in other parts of the US, so other parts of the US can certainly proceed much in the manner of DC.

    Being a multinational corporations doesn’t make a company immune from any and all legal jurisdictions in which the company may have a nexus.

  2. Mary Curry
    Mary Curry at |

    Resort fees are a bloody joke you pay for your holidays and then when you get to the desk they add additional fees (resort fees) love America but this is the last time we will be there in 2017 we paid $495 dollars in Las Vegas the sooner they do away with it the better

  3. Karen
    Karen at |

    I hope this suit is successful. I truly despise “resort fees” that are added to even the most run-down property, and are never part of the advertised price.