DLD 285: Filling the gaps

We don’t want to talk only about the industry collapsing under the weight of COVID19-related cuts, but we’re also faced with the fact that dominates the news these days.

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Fortunately, we received some input from listeners about other things to include, like mass transit systems around the world.

And, if you’ve ever listened to us before, you know that mention of limiting operations or even closing LaGuardia is 100% certain to get Fozz riled up.

We do typically try for more coherent show notes, but this is all we’re gonna get to this week. Hopefully the audio makes up for it. And I’m not really sure anyone ever reads this anyways.

For a (generally) up-to-date listing of airlines and their operational levels check out this spreadsheet maintained by PaxEx.Aero and other industry experts.

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Seth Miller

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