DLD 356: Celebratory deaths

Perhaps we should’ve saved some of these topics  a week or two, where the Dia de los Muertos celebrations would be more appropriate. But here we are.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. BRU-CDG is a 100% connecting traffic for SN.

    Once SN tried (in the past) to cancel all the flights and use a thalys train going to BRU Zavanten.
    But this failed because the CDG (or Paris originated) customers changed to other airlines to go to Africa.
    So SN has lost at that time a lot of customers.
    It is easier to check the luggage (and for Africa luggages are important, very important for the customers).
    SN reversed its decisions and at that time restarted the two morning fligths to BRU.
    AF is more lucky from brussels because it takes its customers in the center of Brussels at Midi Station.
    It is not easy for the luggage because you are on your own to bring them to the airport from the CDG railway station, but at least you start and finish at MIdi Station in Brussels inside the city.

    I find the decision of the national assembly stupid for a route like ORY-Bordeaux.
    A city like Bordeaux not having a navette to Orly, it means you are a stupid city for me.
    The new mayor of Bordeaux is from the green party, so he is probably happy.
    But to build the new hight fast line to Paris, it has been necessary to destroy some areas and use a lot of CO2 to create the rails.
    So where is the benefit.
    It has been discovered with the first Paris-Lyon line that maintenance of the tracks are needed more often because of the speed and pression on the tracks from the trains.
    Where is the ecological gain compared to the CO2 created by the plane.
    And it is nnot because you reduce ten flights per day at BOD that you are not going to have ten more transavia/easyjet/Ryannair flights to Palma de majorca or another tourist destination.
    That’s hypocrisy for me.
    It is said that SNCF is fucking happy with this decision because AF was a serious competitor for them on the paris-bordeaux route (still 500 000 passengers in 2019 only on the ORY-BOD so services excluding CDG)
    You can also read some funny flight reports from some passengers in Basel-Mulhouse airport going to paris via amsterdam on KLM. There are avgeek people but anyway, that says something.

  2. And also there is only one airline fare to go to BRU if you want to do BRU-CDG or CDG-BRU just as an O&D.
    There is no yield management on that traffic.
    It is something like 400 euros one way or 400 euros return.
    And that’s it.
    Because SN does not expect anyone to take one of the two only, and at the morning only, flights as an O&D passenger.
    Or it has too much connecting passengers.

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