DLD 422: Meh

Top news this week is the new Qantas First Class and Business Class seats, set to fly in 2025 when Project Sunrise takes flight. And we’ve got John Walton back with us to dig deep into the details. Alas, we’re all a bit meh on this one.

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Also in this episode:

  • Gaspers and center bins in business class cabins
  • IAG finally gets Air Europa, but will regulators let it happen?
  • New Kansas City terminal opens this week
  • 787 deliveries halted again
  • Oman opens airspace to Israel
  • AAdvantage program stats

For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including:

  • Emirates‘ recycling stats
  • Tailwind’s push into Rhode Island
  • Diversions galore as the jet stream pushed westbound transcons well over 7 hours of flight time in some cases

And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

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Seth Miller

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