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  1. little Alex
    little Alex at |

    Hi, I’m here via linaerys’ LJ.

    Spectacular pictures. And an excellent way for me to actually find out how the fireworks look like, ’cause I actually didn’t watch ’em, though I live there.

    Btw, red minibuses are actually really good if you need go somewhere that’s more than half an hour away, but you’re right, don’t try ’em unless you’re a local. 🙂

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    The hard part about getting a good seat for the fireworks is that you need to be there so early. They close the waterfront on the TST side at 6pm for the 8pm show. But if you can handle sitting there for a few hours – which is pretty easy with a book and some snacks – it is well worth it to get to see the show up close.