I always thought ballet could use more cow bell

And my thoughts were confirmed yesterday. 

OK, maybe I didn’t always think it, but it certainly isn’t a bad thought.  And the performance we saw yesterday by Ballet Hispanico was rather amazing and benefitted from the cowbell during one of the three pieces they performed.  I suppose that bit (Tito on Timbales) was more of a modern dance bit than a ballet.  The music was written and originally performed by Tito Puente, and the revival was pretty impressive, both for the music and the dance.  Plus the follow-on musical interlude, Descarga Para Tito, was a great example of the Latin Jazz style and also quite entertaining.

Also of note for me was that this was my first visit to the Joyce Theatre which I’ve lived three blocks from for eight years now.  Far too long to be so close and not take advantage of it, but such is life, I suppose.  If you happen to be in town check out their schedule.  Lots of good options and the theatre is quite intimate which is nice.

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Seth Miller

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