More diving adventures in Egypt

A few more photos here from diving in Hurghada, Egypt.  Day two of the diving was much better than day one.  The folks on the boat were more friendly and generally better divers so we had a much better time both in the water and during the boat rides and surface intervals.  No pedicure service on the boat – that was rather disgusting – and a smaller and more friendly crowd.

There were a whole bunch of interesting animals to be seen on day two, including an octopus, several blue spotted rays, some tiny blue banded shrimp and plenty of clown fish.

And then there were the dolphins.  Wow.  Just plain wow.  We saw them on the surface and knew that there was a chance we’d see them underwater.  We headed in and didn’t see them right away but they showed up about 5 minutes into the dive heading away from us.  OK, fine.  We saw them.  I can’t really complain.  And then, about 45 minutes later, as we were wrapping up the dive, the dolphins came back.  This time they were swimming towards us and they were not shy at all.  I was able to get pretty darn close – enough that i couldn’t get a wide enough shot with my camera – and swim right with them.  At least for a few seconds, anyways.

That was a TON of fun.

Lots more underwater photos (and the rest of the shots from Egypt when I get around to posting them later) in the gallery here.

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Seth Miller

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