VVIPs and the guy confused by a “business class” seat

Sitting on board EgyptAir flight 362 from Luxor to Cairo right now, happily ensconced in the bulkhead aisle of the “business class” cabin and laughing to myself about the scene going on across the aisle.  The flight is operated by the Express arm of EgyptAir on an Embrear E170 (my first time on this type, I believe) and the business class cabin is anything but special.  The bulkhead seats have plenty of knee room and typical bulkhead legroom while row two has nothing special to speak of, save for the guy in 2K (starboard window).

Boarding off the bus and up the air stairs he seemed quite shocked to discover that the business class seats were really just regular seats.  So shocked that he didn’t shut up about it, grumbling to his wife in the row behind for several minutes before calling the flight attendant over to inquire about the situation.  Once informed that the only difference is in the food service on board he gave up, pulled his hat over his face and passed out.  A bit strange, but it definitely goes to show that there are plenty of people out there who have no idea what they are buying when it comes to travel.  For what it is worth, the sandwich we had was pretty decent though I found the dessert a bit dry.

Shortly before boarding started a group of about a dozen guys showed up at the airport in dark suits.  Several of them went into one of the private waiting rooms in the gate area while the rest milled about just outside the door.  Not so hard to identify VVIPs in this sort of situation.  And these two definitely are.  They are two cabinet-level ministers in the Egyptian government – Education and Youth/Sports.  They were the last two on the plane (plus their rather conspicuous security guy) and the doors were closed pretty much right after they got on board.  The flight attendant told me just how special they were when I asked and the body guard poked his head out to say hi. 

I didn’t ask for a photo with them – I’ll blame it on not wanting to document the crazy that is my hair right now rather than having no real reason to ask and a lack of cojones to ignore that – but it was certainly interesting.  Especially the part where a security guard cam running down the stairs after us to make sure we didn’t try to board their VIP van since we followed them directly off the plane.

Good stuff.

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Seth Miller

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