Some help with booking “old” JetBlue award seats

When airlines do not publish their reward seat inventory on their websites it is a pain for their program members. Having to call in to check for reward inventory sucks. And with the update to their website in conjunction with the migration to the Sabre booking system back in January JetBlue removed the search engine for old TrueBlue rewards from their website. Combine that with annoyingly long hold times – 50 minutes to get to the right department to redeem my voucher tonight, only to find nothing available – and redeeming the passes is almost more trouble than it is worth.


After all, the passes still represent a significant savings on a flight if you can find the space and putting in a little bit of effort to find a seat is a worthwhile effort. Unfortunately, up until recently access to the inventory bucket that represents the award seats was apparently hidden from public consumption. That is no longer the case. The award inventory comes from the Z bucket and a quick check of a few different sources last night showed that inventory listed out in the open. A couple minor tweaks to an existing tool I’d previously written and I’m now able to present and share access my JetBlue TruePass Availability Search Engine.

JeBlue TruePass Availability Screenshot

Punch in the cities you’re interested in and the date and click the button. It is just that easy. If there are flights with award seats available you’ll be presented with them in the matrix. If not, come back and try again later. Once you’ve found availability then you can commit to the hour of time on the phone to make the booking.

The tool is applicable for rewards from the original TrueBlue program (TruePasses) as well as promotional free tickets like the ones given out during the 10th birthday celebrations. New TrueBlue points are redeemable on any flight, assuming you have enough.

Happy Jetting!

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Seth Miller

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  1. Awesome! Is it possible to have an option to search for a range of dates? That would make it easier to find something from their limited availability.

  2. A range of dates is a bit more complicated as it would have to run an independent query for each date and then try to organize the results into some sort of calendar-related grid. In addition to being potentially slow it would be way more complicated to program. I’m somewhat busy working on proting some of these apps to mobile devices so not high on the priority list, but I’ll keep it in mind.

  3. I’d like to know what these codes mean – inventory shows R0 Y7 E7 K7 H7 Q7 B7 L7 V0 M0 O0 U0 S0 P0

  4. The codes represent the number of seats for sale in each of the various fare buckets. Y7 means there are at least 7 seats for sale in the Y bucket – full priced coach – for example.

    You do NOT add them going across. The above doesn’t necessarily mean that there ar 49 seats for sale.

    And you have to meet the fare rules (advance purchase, minimum stay, etc.) in order to buy a ticket in a particular class. So just because there is an L fare published and inventory in the L bucket doesn’t mean that you can buy an L seat in general.

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