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  1. J2daP
    J2daP at |

    The party was pretty good, but you gotta step up your game…there was still enough liquor available for the trip back from ONT to IAH…

  2. LukeSkywaiter
    LukeSkywaiter at |

    Correction: There was BARELY enough liquor for the trip back!

  3. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    I did my best but it was early and a long day – more of a marathon than a sprint. I still think that the 5 or 6 I put down was rather respectable.

    Besides, with nearly 250 alcohol servings catered on the plane I would hope there would be some left for the return flight.

  4. Anglo Large Clawed Otter
    Anglo Large Clawed Otter at |

    Good fun. Nice to meet some new folks and have an impromptu cocktail party in teh sky.

  5. Angust
    Angust at |

    Wrong I killed all the Bailey’s had to settle for Kahluah on the way back to IAH. We finally found the Walkers cookies at the last IAH President’s lounge we hit 🙂

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