On the roof tops of Marrakesh

Cities simply look different from above. At street level they can be crazy and chaotic, crowded and loud. But look down from above and you get a much different view. The noise fades away. The chaos may not fully disappear – indeed, in Marrakesh it was just a different chaos – but it was quiet and peaceful.


Instead of crowds making their way through the Souks and merchants grabbing at passers by hoping to score a sale it is a jumble of satellite dishes and antennae mixing with laundry lines, construction debris and roof top decks.

IMGP8056IMGP8061Among the many other practical purposes the roof tops serve, we watched one night as a young boy spent a couple hours training his pigeons as the sun was setting. It is a whole different world up there. Yes, he really is taking pigeons out of a cage and throwing them up into the air in the hope that they will return. There were a few that landed two buildings over and which were somewhat remiss in returning. He enlisted the help of a girl living in that building to help get them back.


Along with the beautiful sunsets we were able to enjoy from the roof top deck of our Riad we also had the pleasure of listening to the Adhan several times each day. The call to prayer sounded from the minaret of every mosque – and there are a lot of mosques in Marrakesh – at just slightly different times and with varying volumes and voices. Watching the sun set with that in the background was incredibly peaceful. The video simply doesn’t do it justice.

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