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  1. Gord Pranschke
    Gord Pranschke at |

    Malpeque refers to where they are cultivated not they name of the company that holds the oyster lease so I beg to differ, you can call them what you want but if they come from Malpeque bay they are Malpeque oysters. I’m wrighting this from the shore of Darnley Basin PE, it sits right beside Malpeque bay. Just an FYI…..

  2. rick butzberger
    rick butzberger at |

    My cousins the Hardy’s raise oysters on Malpeque Bay. Many of the oysters start out on the south side of the island, then are trucked to my cousins’ place where they’re replanted for several weeks of cleansing in the pristine waters of the bay. They ship all over North America.