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  1. G de Hoon
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  2. jorgeluis500
    jorgeluis500 at |

    Where can you find out what the codes are? I suspect LONE has something to do with Oneworld but I don’t know what the rules are. Great tool anyway

  3. Lark
    Lark at |

    Dude – you are fucking incredible! Thanks for sharing more of your efforts with the FF community.

  4. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    You are really something. This is impressive.

    Am I reading this correctly: An AONE4 ticket (OW, First Class, 4 continents) would be $3,672 if I start my journey in SEZ and $20,939 if I start in POM?

  5. Petri
    Petri at |

    It’s probably a very old AONE4 fare. There are no OW flights from/to Seychelles nowadays.

    A very nice tool.

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