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  1. Darren
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    Wow, thanks for this. Fantastic resource.

  2. AS
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    This is a big deal, especially coding domestic F awards as “I” instead of “O”. Makes using a Star-Alliance award with a domestic segment much more affordable eg when using US, BMI, AC miles. I think you have the exclusive scoop on this.

  3. FriendlySkies
    FriendlySkies at |

    Something that used to be so easy (NC, NF, XC, XF, NY, etc) is now much more complicated to keep track of. Where did you find this info posted?

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  5. oliver2002
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    re: ‘The N fare bucket is currently flagged as unused in the system; it is the only letter as yet unused.’

    N is generally used by *A for non rev ID/AD travel in coach, I would assume UA will use that bucket as such.

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  7. bmvaughn
    bmvaughn at |

    The phrases “SaverPass” and “EasyPass” are quite confusing. Hope UA doesn’t adopt those.

  8. chitownflyer
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    This is a very useful and informative chart for deciphering fare buckets and award travel on the new United. Thank you very much for publishing it.

  9. Ben
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    I updated the wiki as Platinum will be given the same access as 1K and GS for IN or ON.

  10. Dan
    Dan at |

    Premier Platinum will have access to IN/ON inventory.

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    […] These are all the fares in the new scheme: Revenue buckets (RDM/PQM earnings) F – Full Fare First (250%/150% or 175%/150% for 3/2 cabin) A – Discount First (250%/150% or 175%/150% for 3/2 cabin) J – Full Fare Business (175%/150%) C – Full Fare Business (175%/150%) D – Full Fare Business (175%/150%) P – Discount Business (150%/150%) Z – Deep Discount Business (150%/150%) Y – Full Fare Coach (125%/150%) B – Full Fare Coach (125%/150%) M – Discount Coach (100%/100%) E – Discount Coach (100%/100%) U – Discount Coach (100%/100%) H – Discount Coach (100%/100%) Q – Discount Coach (100%/100%) V – Discount Coach (100%/100%) W – Deep Discount Coach (100%/100%) S – Deep Discount Coach (100%/100%) T – Deep Discount Coach (100%/100%) L – Deep Discount Coach (100%/100%) K – Deep Discount Coach (100%/100%) G – Deep Discount Coach (100%/100%) N – This will be unused (possibly for industry discount tix) SaverPass Award Seats ON – Elite (Plat/1K/GS) SaverPass First Award O – Non-Elite and Low Elite SaverPass First Award IN – Elite (Plat/1K/GS) SaverPass Business Award I – Non-Elite and Low Elite SaverPass Business Award XN – Elite SaverPass Coach Award X – Non-Elite SaverPass Coach Award EasyPass Award Seats FN – EasyPass First Award JN – Elite/CC EasyPass Business Award ZN – Non-Elite EasyPass Business Award (tracks to the Z bucket) YN – Elite/CC EasyPass Coach Award HN – Non-Elite EasyPass Coach Award (tracks to the H bucket) Upgrade Awards ON – C->F on 3-cabin aircraft PN – B/M-Up for Elites (tracks to the P bucket) RN – Elite Upgrade to Business/Domestic F R – Non-Elite Upgrade to Business/Domestic F __________________ Wandering Aramean | Twitter | Lounge Guide | Travel Tools | World Heritage Sites Mo' fun in Mauritius | Morocco 2010/Photos | Northern Lights/YZF 2010 | Trip Reports […]

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  19. John Montgomery
    John Montgomery at |

    Just to be clear about the new classes, the following fares are eligible for upgrades:

    M, E, U, H, Q, V, W

    (This would include GPU, RPU, CPU, miles, etc)

    By the way, your other Chrome scripting trick for available buckets is simply genius. So awesome. What a great share with the community.

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  21. CDKing
    CDKing at |

    I just did Y-up on a UDU eligible segment and the system assigned a business class seat on international segment when it should have upgraded the SFO-BOS segment. Now it says I have to call reservation. Hopefully my upgrades wont get taken away. I’m not even sure why my trip booked into Y.

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    […] UA's new fare buckets says the answer is RN has to be open. […]

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  28. cliff
    cliff at |


    My frequent flyer record lists a fare as “ZY”.

    What the heck is that??? I was in a business/1st class seat. It was domestic US: IAH-ORD. Not sure if it was booked in business class or I got upgraded. My company bought the ticket and I didn’t see the ticket or seat until I checked in, so may have been upgraded without me knowing about it…(I was flying on another flight just before I got on this UAL flight).

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  32. RandyE
    RandyE at |

    Bingo! What a fabulous resource!
    Combined with the Greasemonkey script, this is the way to go! Thanks, Seth!

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  37. gt
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    Cliff – it appears United now codes complimentary upgrades by appending a “Z” to the beginning of your original fare class. I get upgraded the vast majority of the time, and so my account activity for my last 5 flights shows “ZW”, “ZV”, “ZU”, “ZQ”, “ZT”, when I know my tickets were originally booked in W, V, U, Q, T.

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  39. Bruce Margon
    Bruce Margon at |

    Instant upgrades on Y fares now book to PN, no longer JN, and are now capacity controlled, an important difference. Can you update your table?? See, e.g., http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/united-airlines-mileageplus/1555697-full-y-fares-upgrade-booking-code-becomes-pn-now-subject-capacity-controls.html