Big bonuses for flights to London (so long as you’re a big spender)

The three largest US airlines have apparently decided to have some fun with bonus frequent flier points and London this fall. It is not particularly clear what started the push, but American Airlines was first out of the gates with their promotion: 25K bonus points for the first flight, 35K for the second and 45K for the third between the USA and anywhere in Europe. Each subsequent flight will continue to earn at the 45K level. British Airways has a similar deal out there as well.

The catch here is that the tickets must be booked in a full fare class. So paid premium cabin tickets as well as Y, B and H fares in coach are the qualifying fares. Generally not a tremendous value, though there are some discounted business class seats available around Thanksgiving that could make this a worthwhile deal.

United Airlines was next on the list, with bonuses of 25K, 35K, 45K and 45K available for flights on either Continental or United metal but only to London. The United offer is slightly less attractive in that they are only offering the bonus for premium cabin flights; full-fare economy gets you no bonus.

Delta was on board just a couple days later, matching the United promotion. They, too, have limited the deal to only London and only on premium cabin fares.

No idea why London has become the target of the big bonus miles, but if you’re going anyways and you’ve got those high fares you may as well take the bonus points. Registration is required for each program’s bonuses.

UPDATE: If you’re looking to cash in on this deal without dropping a lot of cash check out the sales to London on right now from most of the carriers for later this fall. There are some bargains to be had (~$1400 r/t) if you can make the dates work!.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Doesn’t look like those cheap Z fares qualify. At least not on United. F, J, C or D only. Also must book as round trip so I guess open jaw wont help either.

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