Bonus from Membership Rewards to hotels; not quite as bad a deal

I’ve never been a particularly big fan of using American Express Membership Rewards points for hotel stay transfers. The rates are generally pretty awful and there are better ways to accumulate hotel points out there. Still, the option is there and every now and then it is something that folks use.

It looks like AmEx is trying to make the product a bit better, at least for a few months.

UPDATE: This promo is only for cards in the MR First program, namely US-issued Platinum and Centurion cards. Sorry for getting anyone else excited, though you probably shouldn’t have been anyways.

Through the end of the year they’ve got a sale on for transfers to Hilton HHonors and Starwood Preferred Guest. Both programs are offering 25% off.


There is also a 25% discount on the various free night certificates that are available via the Marriott Rewards program:


None of these are a particularly great deal but it does suck a bit less.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Do you know if this is targeted? I am not seeing this on my membership rewards page.

    1. I just reread the fine print. It is only open to MR First cards which means Platinum and Centurion cards. Sorry. 🙁

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