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  1. unavaca
    unavaca at |

    I eagerly await “SkyPesos: The Hotel Edition.”

  2. EJ
    EJ at |

    It already completely sucks. Just try booking a room in tahiti or Paris for any dates in the next year. All are way over 50k points. They may as well jut eliminate the category levels since they don’t apply anymore. What a terrible devaluation for Hilton.

  3. MiataMan
    MiataMan at |

    As EJ said, upgrades can triple or quadruple the point requirements…….and this is just for a “deluxe” room – not a suite.

    Another thing that is unsaid is that Hilton now appears to be allowing resorts to eliminate all standard rooms. Look at Moorea or Bora Bora and the minimum redemption is over 100K per night. Also remember that by “upgrading” it appears you no longer qualify for a VIP or AXON reduction.

  4. SkyPesos
    SkyPesos at |

    take a look at Hilton Times Square…

    Standard Room = $399
    Points = 50,000 points

    1 king pure = $429
    Points = 128,571

    so 78,571 points = $30


    Hilton Moorea

    King Garden Bungalow – 41,000 FR
    Points = 109,160

    this *seems* to be the ‘standard’ room based on their $ rates and website but shows up at the ‘enhanced’ level.

    Overall, one hell of a disincentive to stay with Hilton.