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  1. The Weekly Flyer
    The Weekly Flyer at |

    Awesome! Igot hit 2x for me and wife with that fee. Didn’t feel good 🙂

    I bet this was on the Transcon MR deal routing through EZE…

  2. Corey
    Corey at |

    I managed to avoid this fee by arriving into AEP (from Montevideo, Uruguay), and departing from EZE. They don’t charge this fee at AEP since it’s 99% domestic. (The Pluna flight from Uruguay is the only international flight into AEP)

  3. gpapadop
    gpapadop at |

    Yikes, I totally forgot about this! Going there in late August with family and staying 4 days on a BA award with LAN. That would be four persons times $140 each for $560 total, ouch!!! This hurts, that’s a whole lot of steaks we won’t have! I am assuming we can use a credit card for these fees? (such as Sapphire Visa for the double points?).

  4. yaychemistry
    yaychemistry at |

    This is one of the situations where having both a UK and US passport comes in handy 🙂

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

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  6. HoKo
    HoKo at |

    Hey Seth,

    So just to clarify, were you legitimately transiting through Argentina and were going to be leaving within 23:59 or did you stay beyond 24h?

    I got to thinking after reading this post that perhaps you could just book a fully refundable fare, print that itinerary and use it to clear customs and then cancel the flight – this way you can stay as long as you like. Would immigration catch you upon departure and hit you with the $140 on your way out of the country if you employed this strategy?

  7. Scott
    Scott at |


    I was just thinking the same thing and came back to Seth’s post here to inquire about that too.

    Anyone out there know how this scenario would play out with cancelling a full-refundable ticket to avoid the $140pp?

  8. Cristian
    Cristian at |

    This is one of those times I’m glad I’m a dual citizen. My country doesn’t pay to get into Argentina.

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  10. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    SO here is my thoughts… What about buying a bus ticket out of the country? Even if they hit you with the fee on the way out, nothing too expensive lost. Most people don’t pay that much attention. Will it maybe work???

  11. Mark
    Mark at |

    Thanks so much, none of the websites ever mentioned the <24hrs rule which fits my situation exactly in June 2012.

    But once you get off the plane you mentioned, "however, one simply pays the fee in a separate line at the airport before heading through the immigration line.'

    So do you just skip the payment line and just head straight for immigration?

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