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  1. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    Do you have the cost per incident to support the quote “300 dangerous or illegal items.” I have to assume that 100’s of millions have been spent on scanners, all to identify 300 items? And do we know how many “items” have been found by traditional X-ray?

  2. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    I prefer the millimeter wave scanners to the backscatter scanners, but not because of safety. I think the millimeter wave scanners are much more fun, having the things spin around you. It is a lot more enjoyable than a typical metal detector. And let’s be honest here, it’s not like if the EU does something that makes it the proper course of action. Look at what they are trying to do with air travel, taxing companies for flying 5,000 miles away. Euro zone debt crisis. The list goes on.

  3. CU
    CU at |

    great post. As a cancer survivor, I can say that everyone thinks it won’t happen to them. Until it does.

  4. Richard
    Richard at |

    Well, the groper may give you _something_ if you don’t instruct him (yes, not ask, instruct) to change his gloves.

    I always do. And when he asks me if I have any sensitive parts, I always answer, “My resistance.”

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