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  1. gpapadop
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    I think you nailed it Seth! I am glad I used most of my Adios points to take that trip to SA on LAN that was on my bucket list for so long. I have just 80k left over and they may come into play with a short East coast family trip on short notice when Southwest does not come through:-) Living in DTW the connection issue with Adios is a killer! And the way they handled the whole change over is a case study of how NOT to do this, from a corporate/loyalty point of view!

  2. Phudnik
    Phudnik at |

    In some respects, the new program is actually better than the old Executive Club. Redemptions from the East Coast to London have actually gone down in price (though one still has to pay hefty surcharges), as has the number of miles required to upgrade on BA flights, which was generally a pretty good way to use BA miles before and is even more attractive now. Short-haul single-segment flights are also a real bargain at present (though I don’t expect that to last).

    There are other changes which aren’t bad either from the point of view of people who actually fly BA (tier points behave differently, and the new Bronze level isn’t nothing), though for North American arbitrageurs who don’t fly BA and don’t live in hub cities it’s not a great program in which to park credit card miles anymore.

  3. Capt poray
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    You are all killing me with all the whining!! BA miles are now my favorite miles behind SPG for hotel redemption!!

  4. PanAm
    PanAm at |

    Good analysis, thanks.

  5. NYBanker
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    Thoughtful post. Thanks.

  6. JohnnieD
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    Another value @4500 miles is NYC>YYZ on AA…..

  7. abcx
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    Interesting that ICN-TPE is lower than ICN-NRT even though ICN-TPE is more miles.

  8. ALCO
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    Looking forward to redeeming ORD-AMM at lower rates than what it used to cost under the old ExecutiveClub. I think the new program is overall a net negative, but there are some hidden gems that make SPG->Avios transfers worthwhile.

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