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  1. Sice
    Sice at |

    The other day I tried to check in on United and was going to be charged baggage fees even though I used my Continental Chase card to book the tix. I called and was told I HAD to visit the ticket counter to get the free checked bags and the counter agent said it would be March before the problem was fixed. I was nervous having to hit the counter each direction but was NOT going to pay $200 to check our bags…

  2. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    And that’s why I won’t fly Allegiant or Spirit…

    But I agree about checking in. I always check in, even if I’m checking a bag. You can just say no and do it later. The only reason to say you’re checking a bag online is because there might be a discount, but not if you have status or a CC.

  3. James
    James at |

    Of course, on-line check in is only available if you pre-select your seat, which runs from $6.99 (back 5 rows) to $12.99 per leg. Priority boarding, an additional $9.99. Buying your ticket on line? an additional $14.99 – to save this, you have to get to the front of the counter within 30 minutes following takeoff of their 4x per week or less flight. Remember to click and remove the round trip hotel shuttle for LAS or it’s an additional $14.99. Plus bag fees, etc.

    At least their planes will always take cash for food and beverages.

  4. SEE
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    At Monterey California, all of the airlines (not just Allegiant) have bare-bones staffing. The counter will close about 45 minutes before departure and the agents will go work the gate.

  5. BothofUs2
    BothofUs2 at |

    Doesn’t the ‘not able to contact our plane’ seem like a basic safety issue? Or is it just a canned excuse from an overworked/understaffed PR dept?

  6. steven
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    Is there any possible downside to checking in online? What if your plans change due to some emergency before you get to the airport?

  7. Nick Adams
    Nick Adams at |

    You’re missing James’ point as it was unavoidable for these travelers unless they wanted to pay for a reserved seat. From personal experience on a Sept. 2011 flight, Allegiant does not allow passengers who do not pay for a seat to check in online.

  8. amejr999
    amejr999 at |

    I have to assume that they just used really poor grammar and they mean that they weren’t able to hold the flight.