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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    Got that too. Totally useless

  2. Super Duper Platinum
    Super Duper Platinum at |

    If they can’t offer anything, they shouldn’t have a rewards program. Don’t insult the intelligence of loyal users. Or offer them an actual incentive, like 5% off their next reservation, etc.

  3. Jimgotkp
    Jimgotkp at |

    Expedia has a pretty good program. Having worked at a property that had Expedia “VIP” benefits, I can vouch that it’s worth it. Expedia even sends out their employees to test whether or not properties are giving their customers the benefits while rating them.

  4. Explore
    Explore at |

    Thanks for the info on the hotels.com program in general. Good timing as the major chains’ programs become less rewarding (no more “stays count double” promos for elite status, and fewer promos applying to one-night stays).

    I do value hotel status as it increases the chance of a “best view” room, while the free internet and breakfast have tangible worth to me. Suites less so, but they do eliminate corridor noise.

  5. Vivek
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  6. gobluetwo
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    Five Star members get HASSLE-FREE services. For everyone else, I guess that means it’s a hassle to get anything done?

  7. Cook
    Cook at |

    Amen/Agreed. Especiall for personal travel in Europe, I much prefer the one-off guesthauses or hotels over the mega chains. WIth the little guys, it gets personl and quickly becomes fun. The better stays don’t take cards at all, let alone “Status Programs.” The difficulty is FINDING them. A very different world, but well worth the effort and the cash. These small hotels are a big part of personal travel in Europe – and always have been.

  8. Alex
    Alex at |

    I could not disagree more with all your comments.

    Just like you, I first thought Fivestar status (or Fivestar plus here for that matter) was a complete joke, well it’s not! I recently went on a 2 weeks trip with friends and made all the hotels reservations throught hotels.com.

    It is hard to make everyone happy and so it happened! some guys wanted to do an early check-out, whilst clearly not allowed as per the hotel policy but the Fivestar team made it work without a problem – even though, it was clearly pass the check-out deadline for that day (in the end, early check-out @3pm and full refund received).

    Also, I had to call to cancel non cancellable bookings many times and I never had a problem; they first state that the booking is non cancellable and then: “but as you are a loyal Fivestar customer, we will make an exception and refund you… bla bla”. Always very professional, polite and very very arranging.

    Another time, we had 5 rooms booked for 3 nights in a hotel and it was fully booked, I could not rebook for 1 night only (as our plans had changed) and cancel the old reservations. In one phone call, all arranged, but as there was no inventory for the “standard rooms”, everyone was upgraded to junior suites.

    I am a Fivestar plus memeber and very glad to be. The only joke about this program is how easy it is to qualify!

  9. Niel
    Niel at |

    I agree the status benefit statement appears to offer the same to non-status users. My FIVESTAR+ status has proven invaluable… Definitely NOT worthless. The dedicated, US-based FIVESTAR+ team (their standard customer service call center is in the Phillippines, and they’re not empowered to do much) has helped me cancel non-refundable rooms, change reservations in sellout conditions, and much more. Every time I’ve needed help, they’ve answered and resolved brilliantly.

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  11. Don
    Don at |

    I had horrible experiences with hotels.com in the past
    I am scared to use them for anything
    And one would have to face the awful contact center outside the US until you become elite
    Thanks but no thanks
    I’d rather drown using direct booking chanels then try and deal with these crooks

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  13. JJ
    JJ at |

    I agree with Alex. I’m guessing they don’t want to advertise this too much because they don’t want people to abuse it (and presumably there is some limit), but if you have “status” with Hotels.com, they will waive a certain number of cancellation fees for you and pay the fee themselves even if the hotel refuses to allow cancellation. You also supposedly get a slightly better customer service rep.

    It’s not huge, but I do think it’s a fairly valuable benefit, considering that (at least at some hotels) you can still get whatever rewards the hotel offers for your booking. I don’t really stay at the same chain all the time, so this is a helpful benefit for me.

  14. JR
    JR at |

    Agree that the “above and beyond” benefits of Gold are a joke. Too bad they wasted $$$ on all the marketing materials for the program. (Oh, and you actually do get customer service– as opposed to the unwashed masses who do not.) WR’s 10% credit toward a future reservation is still decent, but I do miss the days when the not-too-business-savvy creators gave you a free room(up to $450) after 10 stays that was not based on what you actually spent.