I may have booked too many mileage runs

Today was a good day for mileage run booking. I got myself a nice <3cpEQM run on mostly United Airlines metal (good for both upgrades and Million Miler credits with the new program rules) covering just over 20,000 miles in a 4 day span. I’ll get to visit the 50th state a couple times and even actually sleep in a bed once or twice in the middle of all the crazy.

With some of the flights also on what is considered today to be Continental metal I figured I should log in, make sure that my frequent flier number is correct in the reservation and get some seats. I headed to the website and clicked the link to see my reservations. This is what I got:


Apparently I have no real trips planned in the next two months, just mileage runs. Zoinks!

Logged in to the main reservations display page things get a bit better in June, but not before another four day marathon crisscrossing the country (including two three-hour jaunts in Hawaii) for over 20,000 miles flown:


Hat tip to gtitan for finding this one!

Oh, and a couple weeks later I go back and I’ll actually spend a few day in Hawaii while celebrating the inaugural service of both Hawaiian AIrlines’ JFK-HNL service and United’s IAD-HNL service in the same week.

At one point a few weeks ago I was worried about fare prices and not having enough good trip opportunities. I guess that’s over, at least for a few weeks.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. It figures I’ve been flying for the past 48 hours and haven’t been able to scope out or book mileage runs. Can’t wait to get home late tonight and see what I missed today that got you these great trips! Congrats!

  2. To be honest – what’s the point of getting status if you don’t fly enough with actual reason to get it without mileage runs??? Sounds quite unecological to me, but since when do Americans care about the environment…?

    1. Believe it or not, Mike, there is more to the mileage runs for me than just the status. With a trip like this one the price at which I’m acquiring the RDMs is also VERY attractive, meaning cashing them in for a proper vacation with my wife in a premium cabin is much more affordable. Plus there’s the fact that I love flying.

      Sadly, fenx, it is looking unlikely for me on the 3.3 trip. I’ve got to be at work on Saturday and doing that after a 3 hour redeye where I am unlikely to sleep seems like a bad idea. That said, I won’t know for sure until Friday afternoon when I make a game-time decision on whether to head out to JFK for the flight or not. If I do make the trip I have to connect from US to CO at PHX so I’ll be outside security anyways.

  3. Oh, my goodness…I think I’ll visit 48,49 and 50 in one swoop.

    If you do make the trip on 3/3 and venture outside security I owe you a large large beverage.

  4. Unecological? Oh spare me. The plane would fly with or without Seth, what a silly comment.

  5. I think that I’ve settled on 6/18… now to cancel all those other ones that I really shouldn’t fly.

  6. Thanks for posting this so UAL quickly pulled the deal. Your almost as bad as the Dog.

    1. The deal was live for a LONG time even after I posted it. I doubt that the folks at United learned about it here. I was still booking them until Noon today.

  7. Yup. It was live for a looong time, you just had to be flexible with dates because space was drying up. A friend notified me after seeing your Twitter tip (good precursor tip method, btw). Thanks!

    Booked two CLT-EWR-HNL-PHX vv. (each time with about 8 hr in PHX) RTs back to back. I can upgrade EWR-HNL vv. with my CR-1s after March 3 when they convert to RPUs.
    Thanks again!

  8. Careful about overzealous agents trying to re-fare this when you try to apply RPU over phone. UA.com isn’t working quite right yet for applying RPUs. The UAgent I spoke with tried to re-fare mine in conjunction with her rate desk, but I turned her down. I’ll wait until automated system is working properly. I’ve never heard of these jokers trying to re-fare something that was properly ticketed under a “no routing restrictions” with “max two transfers”. I know they try to re-fare FDs when you try to upgrade, don’t really blame them there, but if we followed their fare rules without forcing some third carrier to violate them (I even booked on UA.com) they have absolutely no right to try to re-fare. I have a copy of the fare rules and I am totally within them. But anyway, just a warning that it’s probably best to wait and use automated system.

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