A couple minor updates to the fare tools

Following on the major changes to the UI on the fare search tools from last week there were a couple requests from folks for additional tweaks to the site. While Brian Desmond still has the best request out there and one I’m working towards but in the interim there are two significant usability improvements that I’ve deployed.

The first is that the airport and airline codes now have aliases associated with them. Particularly for the airports where a number of the airports in the data source do not use the standard IATA codes this is hopefully useful.


The second is that it is now possible to filter out airlines from the low-fares report so you can ignore certain carriers if you want. The carriers are sorted by alliance and unchecking the box next to one will update the results, removing that carrier’s fares from the data set. I’m working on setting up a permanent ignore option for registered users as well as a button for only a particular carrier; expect those in the near future.


Plenty more updates on the horizon, including more fares, more destinations and a report on things that changed, either up or down. Stay tuned!

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Seth Miller

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