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  2. Will
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    Thanks Seth – a feature I’ve always wanted!

  3. tim
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    Thanks for this! Hotel Hustle is one of my favorite tools – I use it several times a week, and it’s bookmarked at the top of my Chrome bar 🙂 One small question though – is it possible to somehow offer an option to rank each list of results in order of intrinsic point value (using a scale of .04 per Hilton point, .06 for IHG, .08 for Marriott, or whatever scale you choose). In other words, a Hilton hotel at 30,000 points a night would be listed higher than a Marriott option at 20,000 a night in the same city. Unless I’m not using it correctly, doesn’t it now sort the results according to value against the paid rate available at each hotel for that night?

    Again, thanks for this awesome tool Seth!

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    Is there a way to search only for Hilton standard room awards? Currently most Hilton awards show as “available,” but only for premium rooms. Is there a way to set an alert just for the standard room?