JetBlue looks to expand redemption options for TrueBlue

One of the biggest limitations of JetBlue‘s TrueBlue program has been the inability to redeem points for anything other than JetBlue flights. Not that their route map is awful, but being able to leverage partners is always a good thing and a place where the TrueBlue program has been limited. That appears poised to change, however, based on a recent email update about the program.


Yeah, it is just one line in a bullet list of various benefits and there is no hard timetable set other than some time during 2012, but it will definitely be a nice benefit to have around. Also, is says "partners" there, leaving one’s imagination to run wild about which other partners might have redemption reciprocity on the horizon. Thus far only American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have earning reciprocity announced, and only AA is actually in place. Still, there are a dozen or so other partners out there which can be seen as candidates for such an arrangement.

Which partners would be the most attractive for earning? For redemption? I know I have some that I’m keen to use my TrueBlue points with…hopefully soon.

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Seth Miller

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  1. B6 still need to work on other ways to keep the miles from expiring. Limited to just B6 flights and B6 Amex credit cards aren’t cutting it for me.

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