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  1. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    Nice good job, this is the tool I was looking for.

    This is minor (to me) but IAD -> HKT on 11/17 doesn’t pull up results but IAD -> BKK does, but the UA site shows IAD -> HKT options.

    Re alerts, one key feature for me would be the ability to filter out mixed class type fare’s – as in give me FA+ only, and maybe limit the flight results based on the total hours of the trip. If it had that I’d be setting alerts like crazy.

    Good job.

  2. The Weekly Flyer
    The Weekly Flyer at |

    This may be a dumb question…

    What is MP# FFN?

  3. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    The Weekly Flyer – its your United MileagePlus Number.

  4. Lark
    Lark at |

    @ Seth, re MP #…

    How do you use my MP Number? Do you just use it for the single search and not save it? Or do you save it / store it?

    Just trying to understand this for privacy concerns… Thank you.

    “Guess I need to plan better for success.” Come on Seth – haven’t you been reading FT? *A and UA are the worst airlines in the world… 🙂

  5. Jsmolt
    Jsmolt at |

    Checking the saver only box, but still getting standard awards returned. Do I need to do anything else?

  6. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    Hey Wandering Aramean, Cool tool, but other than the alert feature, is there another feature that would set this apart from the improved United reward search tool? I can see that this is much easier than the ANA tool, but just curious what makes this better in your eyes.


  7. HoKo
    HoKo at |

    “All First Class members get a pretty gold star next to their name. Not particularly useful for anything, but it does confirm that you’ve got the status.”

    Hahaha – classic

  8. ls
    ls at |

    Direct link:

    Whats an MP# ?
    Please enter a valid MP FFN.

  9. Corey
    Corey at |

    I am having trouble getting my alerts to setup. After I fill out the form and click to submit it takes me back to the home page and I go to look at “my alerts” and nothing is saved there. Any idea what is happening?

  10. Rohit Rao
    Rohit Rao at |

    Looks very nice. The UI on your tool is nicer than the other options out there…

    Any plans of expanding this to members of other *A FFPs? My primary USA-based program is US Airways at the moment..

  11. Corey
    Corey at |

    Working great now!

  12. Peter S
    Peter S at |

    Great tools but your change password function doesn’t work

  13. Robert F
    Robert F at |


    The alert thing is very cool. You might wish to add a link on this page:

  14. Simon
    Simon at |

    @Seth: How are you able to perform searches on United using a MP, don’t you need the account password as well?

  15. Simon
    Simon at |

    @Seth: Does that mean the results returned are equivalent to searching United without logging in? e.g. award inventory available to 1Ks only will not be returned

  16. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    My testing so far suggests that it is honoring the status-based availaility but I don’t have a huge sample size to work with yet.

  17. Mike
    Mike at |

    HI Seth, it seems that the alert for other carrier does not work. For example, I was checking for J availability for CA965 on Aug 2. I tried an alert for 4/30, which has available seat, but I never received an email notice. My email is spelled as you see and was enterred correctly.

  18. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    It would be handy if you gave us an option to save our MP#. I have no privacy concerns and don’t have my member memorized…

  19. MichaelP
    MichaelP at |

    How do I delete an alert?

  20. Mike
    Mike at |

    It looks like the alert function works now. Got an alert every 4 hours. Nice!

  21. Damon
    Damon at |

    it is not taking my LH FF# in the MP# field. What am I doing wrong do you think?

  22. Damon
    Damon at |

    ok, I used my UA number for the search; but ultimately I will be using my LH miles for the award flight. I see a direct flight on UA from FRA to SEA (among many other UA options). Although I would prefer not to fly UA, I should be able to call LH and ask for this particular award flight correct? Thank you!

  23. Iolaire McFadden
    Iolaire McFadden at |

    The alerts are looking good, still would be ideal to have a FS+ filter so the mixed class type routes don’t show up – that would make the tool better than the UA site… Thanks

  24. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    Thanks Seth. Great Tool.
    strange – I tried the fare search from Ord to Asia, and got no fares found.

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  26. Harry
    Harry at |

    I signed up for First Class and my google account has been charged but I am unable to set up SMS alerts

  27. Harry
    Harry at |

    Thanks for the quick response Seth. I hope it was a good lunch.


  28. Jake
    Jake at |

    Hi Seth, first of all, spectacular work on this tool! Its a total lifesaver and time saver, thanks!!

    Quick question. I created a few searches, specifically FRA-DFW in FC for 10/19/12, I actually did not get an alert even though inventory shows up on KVS, also created searches for FRA-DFW for J inventory for 11/28/12 and same thing again, inventory shows on KVS, but the tool didn’t alert me. Is there a glitch?

    Also noticed that when searching, i can add my MP#, but when creating alerts, this field isn’t available. Could this be why its causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance! Again, awesome tool, thanks so much for creating it.

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  30. Trusty
    Trusty at |

    Hi seth,

    I am waitlisted for a Kris Flyer Business Saver ticket, Perth-Bangkok via Singapore and cant see the SQ216 flight on the list we I fill in the details?

    Am i doing something wrong?

    P.S Great tool you have created.

  31. Colin M
    Colin M at |

    How do I select saver awards only for Star Alliance searches? I see it in your screenshots above, but not on the site. Is that feature no longer available?

  32. Colin M
    Colin M at |


  33. tom g
    tom g at |

    regarding saver awards, what if I’m willing to consider a regular award? Is there a way to see them too?

    Also, when i try to create an alert I get a screen requiring an airline and a flight number, is there a way to alert for any star alliance carrier on any flight for my destination?

    it seems like a great tool, thanks

  34. Colin M
    Colin M at |

    Lately it has been pulling in both saver and regular awards – or maybe it’s not pulling the proper rewards based on my Platinum status as the email has had more than just “business saver awards” as my search is setup for.

  35. thomas
    thomas at |

    after i create my alert where will it email me if a flight is available?