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  1. Brian Desmond
    Brian Desmond at |

    Sounds like you haven’t sampled the “Chicken Burrito” yet. I had that ALB-ORD the other day – photo here:


  2. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    That chicken burrito looks horrendous!

  3. Steven
    Steven at |

    Hey, I eat my cereal dry too! I once sent my tray back and asked for a new one because the flight attendant had dumped the milk on my cereal.

    They should have opened the cereal and poured it in the bowl before serving your tray. You had a lazy flight attendant on that one.

  4. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    @Brian, I think the Chicken Burrito was better than the carbo bomb hot pocket.

    Simply put, the old great mid con meals were moved over to the 5+ hours flights, where they used to serve an even better meal with 3+ choices.

    Like I have said before, get rid of the cookies and the nuts in a ramekin and give me the old CO meals. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the nuts I have had in the last few months were stale 🙁

  5. Steven
    Steven at |

    @Golfingboy I agree. Overall there’s less variety and choice and a lot of former lunch and dinner flights are now snack flights, and a lot of former snack plate flights are now drinks and packaged snacks.

  6. CP@YOW
    CP@YOW at |

    The “traditional” breakfast always tasted better to me when I remembered to pick up a few packets of ketchup from the food court beforehand. I agree that the breakfast sandwich is a nice change, although I miss the potatoes. Last weekend on DEN-SFO they had the sandwich, but its meat component was a sausage patty. Curiously, the FA still presented the options as “eggs or cereal”, so the sandwich was a bit of a surprise, particularly for those people who did not want the sausage or carb portion and had to deconstruct it.