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  1. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    What a croc of Batman. I guess some people are just over-entitled!

  2. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    Might there be merit to a lawsuit about MM? Yes.
    Does this merit anything? Maybe a frivolous lawsuit fine.
    My first thought when reading this was that it was written by a ten year old, it’s just so poorly written.

  3. Scott
    Scott at |

    T&C only cover a company so far, UA specifically said these were lifetime benefits, not benefits for as long as the program was in place. Also the post on FT where the question was asked and answered with these benefits are for life.

    That said, an FT’r would have been better starting the loss suit or talking to the attorneys to get the complaint amended so that it is correctly worded. Just because the T&C say they can amend at any time, there are still some rules they have to follow.

  4. Gary
    Gary at |

    It will be interesting to see how United reacts.

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  6. Matt
    Matt at |

    Incidentally, the Continental in-flight credit card only suit was filed by someone we know here in town. I always thought it was a bit crazy, though we refrained from mentioning that around here…

  7. Ove Striegler
    Ove Striegler at |

    I would like to join the lawsuit. How? Thanks.

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