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  1. WarmNuts
    WarmNuts at |

    I get nothing but frustration every time I use GoGo on American.

  2. Carste Varming
    Carste Varming at |

    Does Row44 allow ssl encrypted connections? If not, then it is crap, if they do then problem solved.

  3. jackal
    jackal at |

    Hmm. Maybe I should keep the VPN on the whole time when using Gogo.

  4. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    Almost any data manipulation is, technically, illegal. The owner of the original content (HTML page, script, whatever) owns its copyright and will most likely have a policy prohibiting manipulation without approval. I agree with you and go a step further: the *only* acceptable way for them to do what they’re doing is to do it on the gateway, which is their property.

  5. Carl
    Carl at |

    It seems like some hotel systems do this kind of thing too. Often I am forced to reboot before successfully using my computer elsewhere.

  6. Derick
    Derick at |


    Does Southwest participate, or plan to participate, in any of the mega point alliances (e.g. one world, star, etc)?

    I want to make an international trip and have a ton of Southwest point and am wondering how I can use those points towards a trip.

  7. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    @Derick: They do not participate in an alliance, but you can redeem for international tickets a couple of ways.

    First is through being a Rapid Rewards credit card holder. You can redeem your points through Chase for international flights with any carrier, based on availability. Not sure of the redemption rates, but it’s an option.

    Second is that you can transfer your RR points to Airtran and book international travel (mainly Caribbean and Mexico) on Airtran’s network.

    Don’t know if there are other ways to redeem. Check out Milepoint.com or Flyertalk.com to learn more from the “experts.”

  8. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    So in other words, Row44 installed “malware” on the computer that caused economic damage. Nice!

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  10. mark
    mark at |

    i am a web developer and I was doing some QA work on a gogo equipped delta flight and I was chatting with my team on the ground about an issue with low image quality. They said it looked great, so I finally sent them the image I was seeing and it was much lower quality. Extra compression is standard for gogo and i see it a lot more now. I have never checked to see if other elements were being manipulated. Theoretically they could intercept ad views and replace them with their own but that would certainly be a violation of copyright and not good for the users.