Points Hoarders: Episode 3 now online!

I’m actually a bit late in getting this notification out and for that I apologize. I’ve been a bit busy lately with inaugurals all over the place (just wrapped up the second of three this week!) and I forgot to post that the latest episode of our new podcast is available online.

Episode 3 focuses mostly on discussion of airline point valuation. It is a topic for which there is arguably an infinite supply of content and we were trying to keep things reasonably short. There is definitely more to it than what we got into the podcast but hopefully the concepts we’re talking about make sense in that context. And if there are specific programs you’d like to hear our opinions on in terms of points valuation (or other value of the programs) feel free to leave a comment either here or on the PointsHoarder.com site and we’ll work them in to an upcoming episode.


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Seth Miller

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