United Economy Plus coming to legacy Continental 772 fleet in August

Looks like some seat maps are being updated for United Airlines this weekend, including a number of 772s from the legacy Continental fleet. And, starting around mid-August, it looks like the forward section of the economy cabin will be losing a row of seats with the others getting the E+ increased legroom.





The chart suggests only 7 rows of E+ seating in this configuration for a total of 63 seats which will have a pitch of around 35-36".

Also worth noting is that the conversion process doesn’t happen immediately so it is entirely possible that some aircraft will see this configuration prior to the mid-August dates that the seat maps are currently showing it for.

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Seth Miller

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  1. thanks, personally just like when they change to lie-flats Id wait till theya nnounce taht all but 1 or 2 are completed before flying on it and Id go with a PMUA plane instead where I know I will have E+.

    Of cause in a mkt where there is no PMUA then CO it will be with alot of praying

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