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  2. Anne - Music and Markets
    Anne - Music and Markets at |

    Very helpful info – thanks!

  3. BOS_Flyer
    BOS_Flyer at |

    2 observations, Business Class actually has 92 seats, nit 86 as stated. And in one of the economy pics, I see outlets – do you know if all seats or seat sections have outlets?

  4. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Thanks for the details.
    I would have thought they would get a better IFE system that does not use that box under the seat. Glad to see inseat piwer in Economy :).
    Any open seat is always good for me 🙂

  5. cook
    cook at |

    Thanks. A great and informative post. In 2012 and with a brand-new airplane, I fail to understand why they cannot get those awful IFE boxes OUT or the pax cabin. Why not mount them on the ceiling of the freight compartment? If a few control functions are necessary, cable it to one or two of the galleys or even a locked box in one of the heads? Why is that ‘thing’ still in the pax cabin?

  6. David Backman Rorke
    David Backman Rorke at |

    Soo we will be seating in row 81 in the UD.. Compare that to your suggestion of row 84.. Which one would be ideal.. Any really major difference??

    Thanks for the continuing blogging 🙂

  7. Brady
    Brady at |

    How was the storage space? Overhead/under foot rest? Enough for a roll on?

    Thanks for the pictures…I just did my seat assignment last night and the LH res agent didn’t know the layout of the aircraft yet. 🙂 I was looking on their website picking what I thought were the best.

    He did say that 10A/C and 10H/K are held behind for anyone traveling with an infant in biz, since their is a bassonet area in the bulkhead of those seats.

  8. thrashsoundly
    thrashsoundly at |

    The seat map shows a potential for some extra leg room at 34C and 34H. Does the bulkhead extend all the way to the aisle or is there some extra space for the aisle seats?

  9. jetsetboy
    jetsetboy at |

    Just curious… Why are you partial to the nose curve?

  10. Brendan
    Brendan at |

    ” There is still a hard bulkhead there, but if you stand up and are climbing out of the window you’re not actually grabbing another passenger’s seat for balance. ”

    You really aren’t supposed to climb out of the window.

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  12. Onward & Upward
    Onward & Upward at |

    Thanks for the review and pictures!
    Next month I am flying on a Lufthansa 747-8 with an in-cabin pet. Am trying to find information about the under-seat measurements in coach. The Lufthansa agent whom I spoke with on the phone either did not have that information or was (for whatever reason) loath to provide it.

    **I know Lufthansa’s specs as to permitted pet carriers (dimensions, weight, etc) — just looking for the actual measurements of the under-seat area in the 747-8.

    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance!

  13. Onward & Upward
    Onward & Upward at |

    Thanks, Seth! I was hoping that the coach underseat area was more capacious than other aircraft — glad to hear your perspective, even if it’s not what I wanted to be told.

    Actually, there is little consensus as to the precise dimensions and weight of a “standard” in-cabin pet carrier: these vary from airline to airline, and in some cases from aircraft to aircraft. My carrier will fit, but it’ll be a crunch if there is really only 8.5 inches of clearance. (Poor dog! I sure wish there were a more humane way of transporting her to Europe with me)

    Anyway: I appreciate your taking the time to reply, Seth.

  14. Kelly
    Kelly at |

    Do you happen to know if the 32 row seats against the back/middle portion have limited recline? I noticed the same location (different number) on the 747-8 had limited recline, so I’m worried about that on an 8 hour flight 🙂


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  16. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    I am flying from Dulles to Frankfurt in May and am in row 18. However, I cannot find row 18 on any seating chart other than where I chose my seats. Any idea what’s up wit that?

  17. Sunny
    Sunny at |

    My parents flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on this flight. I have got 22F and 22G reserved for them but still not sure if these are the good seats for them considering their age. Can you suggest please?

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  19. Steffi
    Steffi at |

    I’m going to be in 32G incl. having my pet on board. Just want to cry when I read that those don’t recline, because of the galley wall behind it… Its going to be a hell of a 11 hour torture for me and my dog. I’m thinking about giving up my G (aisle) seat for two middle ones further back in the plane, since those will recline normally. Thoughts?

  20. Wayne
    Wayne at |

    Thank you for your write-up. It looks like you were flying the 747-800 v1, a bit different from v2 . Still, quite helpful.

  21. Alan Clark
    Alan Clark at |

    We will be flying Lufthansa 747-800 v2 (not the rocket!) next year to Germany and are assigned seats 16b &16c which seem to be fairly good. My wife & I are both tall 5’10” & 6′. Close to exits & potties. What do you thing.?I have not seen much on the poor section of the “V2”

  22. Tara
    Tara at |

    Absolutely avoid all middle seats in economy except for those in the front of each section. I was in 24F IAD – FRA and it was total hell. Had to share the footwell with the other middle seat, couldn’t lift my arms to eat, and got elbowed in the face at least five times in the night by the two big guys on either side of me while they were shifting in their sleep. If you must do it, either don’t fly or fly an airline that has economy plus. These seats are absolute torture.