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  1. jackal
    jackal at |

    The distraction-during-the-safety-briefing issue and the possible-projectile issue are not limited to PEDs. The same problems with those issues apply to books, newspapers, cans of soda. If those are going to continue to be valid reasons for the restrictions on PEDs (and I’m not necessarily arguing that they shouldn’t be), then they should formulate a rule that addresses the root cause of distractions and flying items and doesn’t unfairly discriminate against PEDs.

  2. Frosty
    Frosty at |

    Being a Ham Radio operator and in Electronic communications all my life I have never seen anything that the public uses that will mess up any aircraft electronics.
    The radio communications that the aircraft has and uses is very old AM vhf type except for the long range HF radios. The Nav systems are new up to date equipment. So all this stuff about it inter fearing with the aircraft com systems is not true.

  3. Bill
    Bill at |

    I could never understand why we were restricted from our toys on planes in the first place.

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