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  1. JCK75
    JCK75 at |

    Looking at the transcon package, $250/flight isn’t great during the fall. If you need the flexibility and this will get you out of purchasing a few $400+ tickets, it would be worthwhile, but for those who can plan ahead, this is not a great deal.

    The shorter haul packages look like better deals ($100 per flight).

  2. Dan
    Dan at |

    As someone who bought the Gopack last time (when it was $700), I would think twice about buying it again during the winter. I wasted my last two Gopack flights because our flight got cancelled and they could not rebook us until the next night (we cancelled our weekend trip). The gopack expired 4 days later. Only after an hour on the phone were we able to get even $50 per unused ticket (which was less than each pass cost). If we had purchased tickets normally, we would have gotten a full refund automatically. Also, if you use the Gopack you are not eligible for the compensation that Jetblue usually gives when a flight has a long delay for reasons within their control. I also suspect that you are on the bottom of the list for rebooking when your flight is cancelled since unlike every other revenue passenger on the flight, if you end up not getting rebooked, they still get to keep your money.

    So the pass is a good deal for those who need last minute flights, but from experience I would say make sure that you are going to be saving several hundred dollars from buying this. The downsides involved with these tickets have a cost that I certainly didn’t think about when I bought the Gopack last time.

  3. Anon
    Anon at |

    The BOS DC/NY option is not a deal. $250 a flight in the Fall? The promo offered over the summer was way cheaper. Jetblue that’s kinda lame to even be advertising this. Even with the added convenience of last minute bookings, Dan makes some good arguments above about the drawbacks of the go pack.

    Boo on this promo.

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