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  1. boberonicus
    boberonicus at |

    Yeah, a guy who develops complex browser scripts that help users search for and highlight upgrade availability for a web site he doesn’t control is most certainly a moron. Or possibly a genius. Dude, if you can’t see the new upgrade status option, I’d bet dollars to donuts that it ain’t in there.

  2. Pat+
    Pat+ at |

    It’s not there. It doesn’t work. Are we surprised?…

  3. SBG
    SBG at |

    It’s frustrating… As Gold I didn’t clear at 48 on a intl flight while my collegue a Silver cleared, had to call and they said it was a system problem with too many pax on the PNR (8 total)… Shares love.

  4. EM
    EM at |

    It is one thing to simply not offer a feature. But to email a select group of frequent customers and advertise that a widely-requested feature has been added when, apparently, it has not … come on!

    In other words, I don’t see it either on the preview site.

  5. Brian Desmond
    Brian Desmond at |

    I just was looking all over for it a little while ago and had the same thought – I must be an idiot as I wasn’t able to find the data either.

  6. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    @EM – agreed. As bad as United’s new “Know what you owe” marketing for baggage fees (see current FT thread)… UACO’s marketing team needs some improvement.

  7. Jackson
    Jackson at |

    Seth – in reading your response to SBG above, why do you ahve to ALWAYS be a CO apologist? UA did not have it you said – who cares? I bet Smisek has you in his back pocket…

  8. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    Same exact thing happened on PMUA, the few times I had more than two on my res I had to call in to get the res split it. As Seth said, you have to break up the reservation, which as far as I know is far easier now than it was on PMUA. There is a button you can click to break up the itinerary when you look at it, it’s not that difficult.

    How is it being a CO apologist to state an undeniable fact?

  9. 1K Over Entitled Elite
    1K Over Entitled Elite at |

    We are over entitled to know where this functionality is!

  10. Gabe
    Gabe at |

    Im seeing it.

  11. David
    David at |

    I am still annoyed by how CPUs are cleared…I just found out that RN inventory is not relevant, even if you are inside the 100 hour window.

  12. Angelina
    Angelina at |

    I don’t see it on any of my reservations

  13. Angelina
    Angelina at |

    Oh oops – nope! Ha. Ok I anxiously await for this weekend 🙂

  14. Lark
    Lark at |

    How does one access the preview site?

    This looks like very nice new functionality…

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  16. Goosh
    Goosh at |

    Still not available on the main site. Was hoping to use the feature for my flights this week.

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