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  1. Julian
    Julian at |

    Thanks Seth!

  2. CP@YOW
    CP@YOW at |

    Thanks. Can you make the “(R)” stand out in a different color or font size as you did with the previous script? That might help to spot the upgradable flights when scanning the results.

  3. MilesFromBlighty
    MilesFromBlighty at |

    Doesn’t work unless your billing address is the USA.

  4. Charles
    Charles at |

    Again Seth comes through!
    And without promoting a credit card sign up !!!

  5. warreng24
    warreng24 at |

    Seth, Is there a good way to view inventory for Y, B, M upgrades? I think it was PN or P bucket?

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  7. DJM
    DJM at |

    Is this still working? All my other GM scripts are working fine but this one has stopped working. Ive removed and re-installed.

  8. DJM
    DJM at |

    Thanks Seth

    I’m already setup in expert mode,I prefer this over expert mode but don’t bother updating on my account. Expert mode is fine.