United’s new pending upgrade status goes live

A few weeks back United Airlines announced that they would be changing the way pending upgrades are displayed online. The move from beta to production took a few weeks longer than initially anticipated but the feature has gone live on the united.com site today. Here’s what an instrument-supported upgrade I have looks like now:


For an itinerary eligible for Complimentary Premier Upgrades the indicator looks like this:


Hovering over the arrow provides additional information about the pending upgrade:


This doesn’t solve the issue with limited details about what upgrade inventory is available; that is coming back soon. And it doesn’t mean that upgrades will necessarily happen more often. But it is nice to see the clearer view of the data. The old version of waitlisted upgrades wasn’t so aesthetically pleasing and it was harder to track on each segment. Baby steps, I suppose.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Unfortunately all six of my flights in the next 40 hours show Requested (and probably won’t be confirmed), but it’s better than not showing anything.

  2. Agreed… the transperancy helps. I missed a slam-dunk red-eye upgrade from LAX-IAH while my collegue got it with a Silver at t-24, so I called and they couldn’t tell me why, but upgraded me nonetheless. This will be easier to see if you have a shot, or need to use an RDU for longer-haul ones. Appreciate the find for my transcon next wk.

  3. goodbye free ugrades… I dont believe status counts any more as much. Its price, booking time and checkin…

  4. Not sure how this changes the frequency of getting the upgrades, Mark. The priority isn’t changing; this just displays it more clearly.

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