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  1. greek2me
    greek2me at |

    lesson for airlines- make your fares confusing so as to be “creating ambiguous circumstances in which it could be reasonably interpreted that the actual price of the fare was significantly more”. Not sure how this standard helps anyone DOT, but hey it let’s United off the hook.

  2. gpaya
    gpaya at |

    That’s a reasonable ruling. Seeing a price change resulting in a positive or negative variance should result in a canceled sale. Just as if Travelocity cannot book a ticket if a fare class is no longer bookable during the purchase process.

  3. Jason
    Jason at |

    Well at least we can now look forward to the FTG’s age discrimination lawsuit

  4. Kris Ziel
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  5. BobChi
    BobChi at |

    The correct decision. Move on.

  6. Soltatio
    Soltatio at |

    While I actually agree with this ruling given that the correct price (in miles) was displayed throughout, I do hope the DOT doesn’t have a similar ruling in favor of Swiss re the recent Ragoon mistake fare!