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  1. Mile Collector
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    If you end up finding anything worth switching for, use WED8 for 8% off at hotels.com.


  2. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Seth, good to know that tomorrow you’re heading to one of my favorite international cities. I really look forward to reading the trip report that will follow. Have an awesome time!

  3. Stuart Falk
    Stuart Falk at |

    Have a great trip Seth.

  4. k2o
    k2o at |

    Wow, big difference proving it’s important to check what’s important to you. Cant wait to hear your trip report and even more, can’t wait ’till I return to IST in Feb.

  5. pointsandtravel
    pointsandtravel at |

    trip report needed, I will be there in 3 weeks

  6. Doug Jacobson
    Doug Jacobson at |

    I have been to Istanbul numerous times and have prepared a brief Insider’s Guide with useful info. An older version can be found at http://www.djacobsonlaw.com/DNJTurkeyGuide(Sept2005).pdf. You can email me for a more recent version. I also recommend http://www.turkeytravelplanner.com. Have a good trip.