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  1. Marathon man
    Marathon man at |

    I think its stupid. He bought the seats so they should earn miles. If the cello wants to give its miles to someone thats its choice.

  2. That John
    That John at |

    Related question: should passengers purchasing an extra seat for themselves accrue miles?

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Could he, uh, switch instruments?

  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Looking at the comments on the cellist’s blog, another cellist had his cello’s Skymiles account closed as well, but was allowed to transfer the accumulated miles into his own account and can continue to earn miles for the second seat in his own account. So apparently not all Cellos are being treated equal at Delta.

  5. Stacey @VeryGoodPoints
    Stacey @VeryGoodPoints at |

    I wonder if the type of instrument matters 🙂 Maybe Delta is partial to horns?

  6. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with this. Can someone with knowledge of the SkyMiles rules enlighten us as to what rule that Mr. Harrell is in violation of?

    If he paid for two seats, I believe he should earn for two seats, whether that’s paid into his account or the cello’s.

  7. jackal
    jackal at |

    @Stacey: I don’t think DL values instruments. After all, their SWUs are practically worthless instruments. 😉

  8. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    I get it that rules are rules, but Delta ought to assume that he acted in good faith and perhaps follow up a second time.

    I can see summarily closing his cello’s account, but to close his real account without a second notice is reprehensible.

  9. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Perhaps Mr. Harrell should take a look at the guitar guide video on Youtube for inspiration 🙂

  10. Bethany
    Bethany at |

    He paid for 2 seats he should get miles for both. Airlines want to nickle and dime you to death these days so damn right he should get the miles!

  11. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    If I buy two tickets, one for myself and one for someone else, I can only get miles for my account for my own seat. The other person can get the miles for theirs. But a cello is not a person, and I think Skymiles accounts are required to be for people. He was abusing the program. Whether Delta should shut him down or not for it is Delta’s decision to make.

  12. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    We always knew Delta is tone deaf when it comes to customer satisfaction. Maybe one day they will harmonize better with passengers

  13. Ananth
    Ananth at |

    Umm. He’s been selling his miles too from that quote. Sorry Delta is well within its rights to cancel his account. Especially after it warned him of the practice.

  14. violist
    violist at |

    Hey, Ananth – I went to Harrell’s site and read the mess: doesn’t he claim that his TA didn’t get any notification of a violation until this one, and doesn’t he also claim that he used the cello’s miles only for the cello?

    I see no justification for DL’s abrupt actions – or for most of DL’s actions anytime …

  15. DBest
    DBest at |

    Raises an interesting tangential question. Should obese folks forced to buy 2 seats earn double miles? Could they redeem them for a single seat in J, where they might fit in the wider seats?

  16. Todd
    Todd at |

    At least Delta doesn’t break Cellos.

  17. golfingboy
    golfingboy at |

    My only question is, if DL wants to restrict people from earning miles for buying a second seat, then why didn’t they update the system to add a restriction where you can only earn miles once per given flight?

    A little effort on the backend would have easily avoided this kind of nonsense.

  18. Michael
    Michael at |

    If Lynn Harrell is interested, I know a travel blogger that can try to help him out here with an age discrimination lawsuit